April 2012: Mobile Madness!

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Mobile websites are all the rage, but does your practice need one?

It seems all anyone can talk about these days is mobile websites. This includes those of us in the Internet marketing industry and it includes many of you, our valued clients. In recent months, we have received countless inquiries from clients wanting to know if they’re missing the boat by not having a separate mobile website.

The answer is a qualified no. There is no doubt that mobile search is an important part of the search community, and it’s becoming even more important as time goes on. It’s also true that mobile-specific websites are crucial to the success of some businesses, such as restaurants. However, in many cases, these pared-down websites are unnecessary. And in some cases they can even be detrimental.

The Fuss over Phone Search

With iPhones, Androids and other mobile devices plowing their way into the search market, all the fuss over mobile websites makes sense.

On the surface, the statistics on mobile use are astounding. Microsoft Tag estimates that our planet is now home to 1 billion smartphones. By 2014, mobile Internet use will surpass desktop use, and, already, upwards of 50 percent of local searches are conducted using mobile devices.

So isn’t this a good argument for building a mobile website for your practice? Not really.

First of all, a large percentage of local searches performed on mobile devices are accounted for by people on the move, using it to facilitate their…movement — people in need of quick recommendations for restaurants, bars, hotels and entertainment venues. Subtract this cohort from the picture and you’re looking at a different set of statistics.

But this doesn’t mean that people aren’t looking at elective medical practices on mobile devices. In fact, our internal data shows that they are. Mobile users are clicking through the websites of our clients and they are spending a similar amount of time on the sites and visiting a similar number of pages as they do on their PCs.

So what does this all mean? And how do you make this new mobile trend work for you? The first step is to differentiate between mobile search and mobile-specific websites. Mobile search simply means that someone is using a mobile device to view your practice website. Mobile-specific websites are sites that are written, designed and programmed to only appear when a search is performed on a mobile device.

Mobile-Specific Websites: Pros and Cons

There are several things to consider when determining if a mobile-specific site is the right decision for your practice, two of the most important being your objective and your budget. What would be the purpose of your mobile site? Are you simply looking to provide patients an easy way to get a quick overview of your practice and directions to your office, or do you also want to capture potential patients looking for information on procedures they’re interested in?

Mobile-specific websites are designed to provide bare bones data; image size, text and site complexity are minimized so that the data can be loaded in a nanosecond. They provide a fast and successful user experience — if the user wants limited information. So if you want a simple resource that allows patients to quickly locate your contact information, a mobile-specific site may be the answer.

However, if you want a mobile site that contains most or all of the elements on your full site (photos, testimonials, etc.), it can be very expensive — very likely more than you paid for your original site. For this and other reasons, most practices that invest in a mobile-specific website end up with a watered-down version of the original that provides an unsatisfying user experience for prospective patients.

What You Do Need

The good news? Many standard websites function well on mobile devices. If programmed and designed properly, your site — your whole site — can look good and function well on mobile devices. All the carefully written content about you and your practice, as well as your photo galleries and your branding, are visible to any user who has a smartphone or tablet. Potential clients who are waiting in line at the DMV or at a child’s ballet class can read about you, see your photos and even email you from your contact form.

Although there are elements that can make viewing a website on a mobile device problematic (for example, websites with large dropdown menus are difficult to use on mobile devices), a few alterations to your current site might be all you need to make it compatible for mobile devices and mobile search.

As with any website, make sure that your name, practice name, phone number and directions are prominently displayed on each page; that your phone number is not an image; and that your site is easily navigable on mobile devices.

These changes will ensure that your website always provides a successful experience to anyone viewing it, from patients who are on the way to your office to prospective patients who are still researching a procedure and looking for a doctor.

To learn more about this or other website-related topics, contact Ceatus today.

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Ask the experts

Q Sometimes patients post reviews about me and I don’t know about them until other patients ask me about them. Is there a way I can better monitor when my name appears online?

A By setting up a Google Alert, you can monitor any new information online that appears about you. Simply search the term “Google Alerts” on Google.com and fill out the form. Provide the phrases you want to monitor (your name, practice name, competitor name, etc.) and your email address. You will be notified every time this information appears online.

Events: What Is Your Google Potential?

Come by the Ceatus booth for a FREE website evaluation!


Chicago 2012: Booth # 1904

Leading Internet marketing innovator and CEO David Evans PhD, MBA will explain how to optimize your Internet marketing strategies and grow your practice revenue.

Online Marketing: Maximizing Your ROI Dollars and Protecting Your Reputation
Sunday, April 22nd 9:15 am-10:15 am (Room 190B)

Learn how to drive change within organizations, create a pathway to organizational leadership, and craft a business plan for professional growth in ophthalmology. Tamara Evans, VP Marketing, Moderator. 

Pathways to Success in Ophthalmology
Sunday, April 22nd 8:00 AM – 9:00 AM (Room 195)

Ophthalmic Women Leaders Event:
Panel members will identify and discuss the tools and techniques successful entrepreneurs have employed in their own businesses. Led by Tamara Evans, Ceatus Media, and Susan Benton, Bausch + Lomb. 

Tips & Tricks to Successfully Running a Small Business
Monday, April 23rd 7:00 AM – 8:30 AM (OWL Office, McCormick Place)


Vancouver 2012: Booth #739

Attend presentations by Internet marketing expert, David Evans, PhD, and learn how to increase your patient volume and achieve maximum value for your Internet marketing dollars.

Perfect Your Online Presence; How to Increase Your Visibility and Generate More Patients
Saturday, May 5th • 12:45 pm • Viewing Area
Sunday, May 6th • 12:15 pm • Viewing Area

Maximizing Your Online Marketing ROI
Friday, May 4th • 2 pm-4 pm • Room 209

Turning Cash Into Clicks and Clicks Into Cash
Monday, May 7th • 2 pm-5 pm • Room 224

California Dental Association

Anaheim 2012: Booth #158

Our experts will evaluate your Website’s Google Potential, the Quality of your Content, the Effectiveness of your Calls to Action and other Important Features that are critical to increasing Your Patient Volume.

Date: May 3rd – May 5th

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CEATUS Case Study of the Month

Patient Referral Network: Consumer Guide to Dentistry®

Background: Dr. Leonard Tau is a successful Philadelphia-area cosmetic dentist who focuses on high-end smile makeover cases. He is also a well-respected practice consultant who, through his company, iSocial Dental Consulting (www.isocialdentalconsulting.com), teaches marketing techniques to other dentists. As a sophisticated marketer, Dr. Tau recognizes the value of combining online visibility with results-driven practice marketing. He applies this knowledge both in his own practice as well as in his consulting business, where he helps his clients understand how to take advantage of this synergy. His own practice, Pennsylvania Center for Dental Excellence, is continuously working to increase online visibility and patient leads.

Problem: In 2009, Dr. Tau’s practice website ranked well for local Philadelphia search terms such as “Philadelphia cosmetic dentist” and “Philadelphia cosmetic dentistry.” His practice website was and is top-of-the-line, offering an excellent before and after gallery, extensive procedure information, videos and testimonials. However, he wanted to take full advantage of key online opportunities to direct high-value patients to his successful website and practice. He knew that in order to leverage his current strategy, he needed to diversify his marketing efforts and add visibility for core search terms related to cosmetic dentistry, such as “cost of dental implants,” “porcelain veneers,” and “cosmetic dentist.” He joined the Consumer Guide to Dentistry® to create visibility for these valuable procedure-related search terms.

Results: Dr. Tau has found that his listing in Consumer Guide to Dentistry® consistently generates an excellent return on his investment. It has brought in lucrative cases each year and he has renewed his listing subscription each year for the past three years. Dr. Tau’s success is enhanced by his own marketing savvy in taking advantage of the leads generated by Consumer Guide to Dentistry®. He passes on this knowledge to his consulting clients by teaching them that the ROI of Internet patient referral programs is greatly enhanced by time-honored practice marketing techniques. His patient-oriented staff always responds quickly to phone call or email leads, and he has an excellent follow-up program to “close” prospective patients for a consultation. These marketing processes, in conjunction with the increased online visibility generated by the Consumer Guide to Dentistry®, have benefited his bottom line significantly.

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Epicurean Delights

At your next tradeshow destination, treat yourself to a meal that delights your palate and defines the art of fine dining. After a long day of walking at the convention center and listening to educational courses, it’s time to sit back and enjoy culinary excellence in New Orleans, Chicago, Vancouver, or San Diego.

Typical price per person, excluding tax/tip:

$$: $30 and under
$$$: $31- $49
$$$$: $50 and over

New Orleans

Pascal’s Manale $$
You can’t visit New Orleans without getting the full Louisiana BBQ shrimp experience. Known for its super-jumbo shrimp, seasoned in a buttery garlic sauce, black pepper, with a Creole kick, it is said that the first recipe for New Orleans style BBQ shrimp originated from Pascal’s Manale. Located in the Uptown District, Pascal’s is also renowned for its oyster bar, where the shucker pops oysters at an astonishing rate. Only local celebrity Thomas knows where to get the tastiest and freshest oysters in town, and he serves them up with a giant slice of Southern hospitality! Although many other restaurants have tried to imitate the menu and family ambiance, nothing comes close. To prepare yourself for the full experience, you’ll need both hands, all your fingers, rolled up sleeves, and a big appetite!

Brennan’s $$$
Brunch at Brennan’s, should you choose to indulge, is an experience like no other. Under stunning chandeliers hanging from high ceilings, bordered by golden-yellow papered walls, locals enjoy Brennan’s originals such as the Crabmeat Omelette topped with hollandaise sauce and the ever-popular Eggs Hussarde. The grand finale — for breakfast and for dinner — is Bananas Foster, a Brennan’s original that has attracted millions of customers from around the world. This legendary dessert is an international favorite and has been the most requested item since 1947. Located in the heart of the French Quarter, Brennan’s sits in between lavish antique stores and dainty balconies that add to the unique Southern experience.

Antoine’s $$$$
Antoine’s needs no introduction. Dining at Antoine’s brings you back to the French influences that inspired much of the New Orleans lifestyle in the 19th century. Housed in a historic two-story building in the heart of the French Quarter, each of the 14 rooms is filled with decades’ worth of photos of celebrities and testimonials from dignitaries about their favorite dishes. Antoine’s has played host to such illustrious guests as the Duke and Duchess of Windsor, not to mention Judy Garland and Pope John Paul II. All have enjoyed original creations such as the Baked Alaska, Oysters Rockefeller and Poulet Rochambeau, a boneless half-chicken served with a sweet brown Rochambeau and tangy Béarnaise sauce. Visit Antoine’s and see why this fabled restaurant was President Roosevelt’s favorite place to dine!


Henri $$$
Fine dining without pretension is the permanent style du jour of Henri, a French-American restaurant that offers a veritable sanctuary from the hustle and bustle of Chicago life. Named after famed American architect Louis Henri Sullivan, a man whose work helped shift urban American landscapes at the turn of the 20th century, the menu at Henri is designed to build on American gastronomy’s strong foundations. In keeping with the spirit of Sullivan’s architecture, innovative dishes like Lobster Wellington complement traditional favorites like Steak Tartare and Roast Chicken. Henri is centrally located between Monroe and Madison — only minutes from McCormick Place and walking distance to the city’s major cultural attractions.

Le Colonial $$$
Entering Le Colonial for the first time, you are transported to the enchantment and splendor of Southeast Asia. The restaurant’s beautiful interior strikes a harmonious balance between 1920s elegance and contemporary simplicity. Widely considered one of Chicago’s finest upscale French-Vietnamese restaurants, this charming two-story vintage row house is situated in the heart of the Gold Coast. The second floor is a cocktail lounge overlooking Rush Street, while the main floor serves authentic Vietnamese dishes such as the Ca Chien Saigon, a Vietnamese crisp-seared whole red snapper with a light, spicy and sour sauce; and Ca Hap, or steamed fillet of Chilean sea bass with cellophane noodles, oyster mushrooms, tomatoes, scallions, and fried ginger in a light ginger broth. Don’t be the only one to miss out on the experience of a lifetime. Be sure to see for yourself how Le Colonial has brought back a taste of fine Vietnamese cuisine to Chicago.

The Chicago Firehouse $$$
The Chicago Firehouse restaurant is a captivating turn-of-the-century building that was once, in fact, home to the Chicago Fire Department. Located on Michigan Avenue, the restaurant has retained its charm with high tin ceilings, fire-glazed walls and brass poles. Originally opened in 2000, the restaurant has since evolved and now features an “American Classic” menu. Locals come to enjoy favorites such as the Roasted Pork Tenderloin with creamy polenta and cherry sauce and the Braised Lamb Shoulder with roasted potatoes, peas and carrots. Visit to sample the food and stay for the warm family style of service in an atmosphere that retains the charm of the old firehouse in which the restaurant was built.


CinCin $$$
Contemporary Italian cuisine and a comprehensive selection of elegant wines attract hungry locals and visitors from around the world to one of Vancouver’s finest restaurants, CinCin Ristorante. Located at the top of a winding stone staircase that rises from the ever-stirring Robson Street sits a celebrated and award-winning Italian restaurant as famous for its welcoming ambiance as it is for its fresh seafood, wood-fired pizzas and world-class wine list. Seasonal ingredients go into crafting traditional dishes that capture the essence of Italian cuisine within a quintessentially Italian setting that includes fresh flowers, a marble bar, and an antique Roman statue. Come for lunch, dinner or a glass of wine and experience why Westender named CinCin the city’s “Best Italian Restaurant” and why Vancouver Playhouse International awarded the restaurant its “Best Wine List” gold medal.

Gotham Steakhouse $$$$
Relaxing in a leather chair, enjoying a well-crafted martini, one could be forgiven for forgetting the stresses and worries of the outside world. Gotham Steakhouse & Cocktail Bar is nestled amidst Vancouver’s most energetic locales, fashionable hotels, and quaint boutiques, and makes for an elegant sanctuary from the fast-paced world of this modern city. This American-style steakhouse features the best prime Alberta beef — dry-aged for 28 days and meticulously seasoned to accentuate the most mouthwatering flavors of every steak. The cocktail bar also features a vast wine list that complements any entrée. Escape to Gotham Steakhouse & Cocktail bar for a relaxing night out!

Joe Fortes Seafood and Chop House $$$
Surrounded by glammed-up Robson Street shoppers and maybe even a few visiting rock stars, you’ll feel like a celebrity when you walk into Joe Fortes Seafood and Chop House. The grand dining room is anchored by a soaring horseshoe oyster bar and surrounded by cozy booths and live music. The Joe Fortes kitchen prepares each entrée with a focus on distinct natural flavors, using only handpicked ingredients from Pacific Northwest farmers, fishermen and food artisans. The restaurant’s signature cedar-planked salmon, crab legs and steaks will fulfill the cravings of any hungry diner. Located in downtown Vancouver, it takes a restaurant like Joe Fortes to lure visitors away from the vibrant beauty of one of the world’s most unique and exciting cities.

San Diego

Searsucker $$
If you’re looking for a place to get away, then this probably isn’t for you. With no walls or barriers, Searsucker is a place to get together, uniting friends and family to enjoy creative twists on classic favorites, such as the Loin Filet Mignon with lobster butter and the “Carb Free” Crab Cake. Top Chef finalist Brian Malarkey has a strong affinity for seafood and is notorious for adding a vibrant flair to traditional seafood favorites. Located just minutes from the convention center, Searsucker sits right in the heart of the action!

Lou & Mickey’s $$$
San Diego’s famous Gaslamp Quarter is filled with exciting restaurants and bars, but if you’re forced to choose one, you can’t go wrong with Lou & Mickey’s. Famed for its fresh seafood, prime beef, and award-winning wine selection, Lou & Mickey’s traces its rich fine dining history back to the 1930s. Their classic entrées are matched only by their mouthwatering appetizers, which many patrons choose to savor while enjoying an array of exotic concoctions in the cocktail lounge. Also known for its Midwestern hospitality, Lou & Mickey’s earned the Gaslamp Association’s 2007 “Lamplighter Awards” for “Best Service in a Restaurant” and “Best Wine List.” After dinner, take advantage of the location and take a stroll around the exuberant Gaslamp Quarter!

Hash House A Go Go $$
Three Words: Twisted Farm Food. Hash House makes food more fun as it combines unique flavors from farm fresh agriculture and turns old recipes into modern masterpieces by adding a fresh, usually gut-busting twist! While it’s true that a plate at Hash House could easily feed a family of three, you’ll definitely want your own! Featured on Travel Channel, Food Network, and Man vs. Food, Hash House is considered the hottest brunch spot in town by many locals. Breakfast aficionados travel from all over the world to try the infamous Andy’s Sage Fried Chicken with fresh spinach, hardwood smoked bacon, market tomato, griddled mozzarella, chipotle cream and scrambled eggs — a breakfast legend! (Hash House is a quick cab ride from downtown and the convention center. Expect a wait on weekends.)

Product Highlight

In the Spotlight: SEO

With a client renewal rate of 95%, our SEO success speaks for itself

As a result of Google’s constantly changing algorithm, elective health care practices must update their website strategies just to stay even, much less move ahead. Ceatus Media Group’s cutting-edge search engine optimization (SEO) programs help our clients rank well on Google and dominate the competition.

SEO consists of three distinct components: 1) strategy development 2) modifications to your website (on-site changes) and 3) links from other websites (off-site updates). Ceatus SEO specialists and webmasters have extensive experience and skill in all of these areas.

Initial Stage – Develop a Strategy

Before making any changes to your website or linking, our SEO specialists analyze your practice, your market and your competitors. This analysis provides a framework for your SEO strategy and identifies the target keywords your site should rank for. If you don’t already have Google Analytics on your website, this statistics program is added so that effective pre-SEO benchmarks can be established.

On-Site Changes

Following the analysis phase, our SEO specialists comb through each page of your website. An extensive document is prepared outlining the changes that need to be made to each page of your site to make it more receptive to search engine algorithms; often, this process involves rewriting or adding new website content. Your SEO document is then analyzed by an experienced webmaster to ensure that the SEO team’s recommendations are in sync with the basic look and feel of your website. After collaborating with the SEO team to make any necessary adjustments, the webmaster begins the implementation process, making meticulous changes page by page. In many cases, search engine rankings begin to improve immediately.

Off-Site Updates

The main key to ranking on Google, Yahoo! and Bing continues to be external linking to your website; i.e., the number and quality of links from other sites that link to your website. The search engines perceive these links as “votes” for your site. Not all votes are the same. A link from one plastic surgery website to another plastic surgery site is better than a link from a dentistry site to a plastic surgery site. If the site from which the link derives is already ranked by Google for the target search term, then the link is considered even better.

It is important to work with a reputable SEO firm that does not rely on poor quality or spam links in an attempt to increase the visibility of your website. At Ceatus, our SEO specialists continuously research and track the latest changes to the major search engines’ algorithms and then ensure that all off-site work is done within the recommended guidelines. Our procedural integrity and innovative SEO strategies enables our clients’ sites to achieve first page rankings, and stay there for years to come.

We are so certain of our ability to deliver successful SEO strategies that we require No Contract. If it’s broken, we fix it, and our clients are free to end their SEO program at any time. The skill and experience of our SEO specialists and webmasters, along with our unique approach to SEO, combine to create search engine ranking success for our clients.

Shouldn’t you be a Ceatus SEO client? Call us today to learn how.