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to avoid risk, diversify

Your website is the toast of town. With a beautiful design, before and after galleries and good search engine rankings, it may even be the object of your competitors’ envy. But is it being seen by enough potential patients? And is it maximizing the conversion of the ones who do?

Without directory listings and other sources of online visibility, the answer, most likely, is no. And without visibility, your website will not produce the return you’d hoped for.

Choosing a Directory: 5 Simple Steps

Just like investing in stocks, the key to investing in Internet marketing is diversification. Data from eMarketer shows that consumers are two-thirds more likely to convert if they see a product or service more than one place online. In practical terms, this means that if a potential patient sees your website and then sees you somewhere else, your chances of converting to a consultation increase significantly.

Directory listings offered by patient referral networks (All About Facial Rejuvenation, Consumer Guide to Bariatric Surgery) are still among the best “somewhere elses” to invest in, potentially providing you with multiple opportunities to be found on the first page of the Google’s search results. But how to choose a good directory? Here are five simple steps.

  1. Search like a patient. Start by searching for information about your specialty the same way a potential patient would. Look for information on procedures. “Cost” and “before and after pictures” are the highest converting search terms; when a potential patient wants to know the cost of a procedure and how it will look (i.e., before and after), he or she is closer to making a buying decision. So, if a directory does not appear on the first page of Google’s search results for search terms such as “Lap Band cost” or “tummy tuck before and after,” it’s probably not worth the investment.
  2. Read the content. Is the content credible and informative? If not, it will not help you convert potential patients.
  3. Analyze the directory. Is the contact info of the doctors listed easy to find? If so, prospective patients are more likely to convert. Also, is it a good fit for your practice? The old adage “birds of a feather” certainly applies to directories — so pay close attention to the types of surgeons or dentists that are allowed to be listed.
  4. Avoid long-term contracts. It shouldn’t take more than four to six months to determine if a directory is working for you, so there is no need to sign up for a long-term contract. Beware of directories that require them. You should see a 1:1 return, at a minimum. If a directory isn’t making the grade, discontinue.
  5. Track performance. Make sure the patient referral networks you invest in provide mechanisms to track the performance of their directories. To assess the effectiveness of your listings, you need to have the ability to monitor visitors to your profile/website, as well as email leads and phone call leads. Directories that fail to provide this tracking data are not worth your time and money, so look into this before you sign up.

There are many useful Internet marketing tools at your disposal, but leveraging them for maximum benefit is another story. One thing is certain: if you’re relying solely on your website to attract potential patients, you’re taking a big risk. The key, as ever, is diversification.

To learn more about this or other Internet marketing-related topics, contact Ceatus today.

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Ask the experts

Q Some doctors have more than one business at the same address, such as a plastic surgery practice and spa or an eye surgery practice and optical shop. How many Google Places accounts can each practice set up?

A If both businesses (e.g., the practice and the spa) use the same address and same website, then it’s best to set up only one Google Places account for that location. When Google “sees” two Google Places pages for the same location that link to the same website, it can become confused as to which one to display. We have seen Google Places pages disappear from the results when this happens. Since Google Places links to your practice website, this type of result can have a devastating impact on your website traffic.

Events: What Is Your Google Potential?

Come by the Ceatus booth for a FREE website evaluation!

Vegas Cosmetic Surgery

Las Vegas 2012: Booth # 203

Attend presentations by Internet marketing expert, David Evans, PhD, and learn how to increase your patient volume and achieve maximum value for your Internet marketing dollars.

“Successful Internet Strategies for Medical Practices”
Wednesday, June 6 • 9am • Grand Ballroom #2

“Practice Management – Event Planning for Any Budget”
Wednesday, June 6 • 5pm-6pm • Grand Ballroom #2

“Why Patients Choose Your Competition”
Friday, June 8 • 11am • Grand Ballroom #2


San Diego 2012: Booth # 726

Our experts will evaluate your Website’s Google Potential, the Quality of your Content, the Effectiveness of your Calls to Action and other Important Features that are critical to increasing Your Patient Volume.

Date: June 17-22, 2012

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CEATUS Case Study of the Month

Campus Eye Group

Background: Campus Eye Group is a large multi-specialty eye care practice in Hamilton, New Jersey, a town in western-central New Jersey on the outskirts of Trenton. The group’s main revenue producing services are LASIK and cataract surgery.

Problem: Although well known in their immediate area, the doctors of Campus Eye Group wanted to significantly boost their image and branding. They had recently developed a website featuring the practice, physicians and eye care services; now they wanted to obtain more online visibility for cataract and LASIK surgery services and position Campus Eye Group as a high-end practice in the state and region. Specifically, they wanted to portray the practice as one that transcended eye care and provided an improved quality of life for its patients.

Solution: Campus Eye Group contracted with Ceatus Media Group in April 2010 to develop an Internet marketing strategy that would position the group to achieve its goals. It was determined that Ceatus would create a new brand-specific website and would develop and implement a search engine optimization plan focused on gaining visibility not only in the local areas around the practice (Mercer County and Bucks County) but also statewide.

The new website design and content captured the image and prestige of the practice, and portrayed its services as lifestyle enhancements, not just eye care.

Prior to hiring Ceatus, Campus Eye Group’s website did not appear (did not rank) on the first five Google search results pages for any of the target search terms. Ceatus’ SEO team took on the task of achieving rankings for a wide range of search terms, including the hyper-competitive statewide searches that include “New Jersey.” Within a year, the site achieved first-page rankings for virtually all combinations of the top search terms with location (i.e., Mercer County, Bucks County or New Jersey) and procedures (LASIK, cataract surgery or cataracts). The Campus Eye Group website now appears/ranks on the first page (top five listings) of Google’s search results for all of these terms, including a #1 ranking for the most competitive term: “LASIK New Jersey.” These improved rankings have increased organic search traffic by 250% and have increased dramatically the number of patients contacting the practice directly from the practice website.

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Summer Inspiration: 5 Brilliant Beaches

Looking for your next summertime beach destination? Need inspiration? We’re here to help. From secluded islands to scuba diving adventures, we’ve got you covered. You’re sure to have a blast at any of these destinations.

lle de ray, France

As the setting sun softly reflects off the calm, blue waters, this picturesque island located off France’s west coast exudes a unique historical charm and personality that is almost frozen in time. Traditional French houses, narrow streets and quaint shops make up the historic port town of St Martin, where the beaches are as quiet and peaceful as any relaxing retreat in Europe. Don’t expect water sports or ice cream vendors. This island is about soothing the soul by getting back to nature. This means exploring the sand dunes, smelling the flowers, walking in pine forests, admiring the sea life, and cycling around the island. And take our word for it, cycling is a must.

Maui, Hawaii

Where to begin? There are so many things to do on Maui you may not know where to start. From its heavenly beaches to its natural wonders and world-class golf courses, there are countless reasons Maui is so often voted one of the top beach destinations in the world. Maui makes for a gentle bed as you lie underneath a blanket of sun while reading a good book or snoozing away. But don’t take our word for it — come see for yourself! Discover your own reasons to fall in love with Hawaii’s second largest island.

Venice Beach, California

Venice Beach is the ultimate people watching haven. While some may come for the three-mile stretch of beach, that is not what attracts most visitors. From street performers and break-dancers to mimes and musicians, the Venice Beach Boardwalk has it all. Have your fortune read or get a temporary tattoo while watching jugglers and jesters entertain! And if souvenirs and knickknacks are your thing, then this is definitely the place to be. The oceanfront boardwalk is lined on one side with restaurants, local bars, and cheap stores, while the other side features an unending assortment of homemade arts and crafts. If you’re looking for a decidedly unique excursion, Venice is not to be missed!

South Beach, Miami

Beautiful weather, beautiful beaches, beautiful people. Does it get any better than Miami’s South Beach? With some of the finest, whitest sand in the world, this beach attracts visitors from all over. Whether you’re into spending a relaxing morning at the beach, meandering through chic boutiques in the afternoon, or looking for fine dining at night, South Beach has it all.

Cancun, Mexico

As far as best beach vacations spots go, it’s impossible not to mention Cancun, Mexico. Take a dip into waters that are sometimes turquoise and sometimes green; get up close with vibrant and exotic fish on a daytime snorkeling adventure; and at sundown, have a few drinks with the locals. Letting go of all expectations and worries, escape to Cancun for the trip of a lifetime — while getting the perfect tan, of course.

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Read about our Case Study of the Month

Product Highlight

The Benefits of Patient Referral Networks

Branding, leads, credibility and more

It’s never wise to put all your eggs in one basket, and Internet marketing is no exception. To ensure that your Internet marketing strategy is diversified, there are a variety of products and services you might consider investing in. With opportunities for branding, leads, credibility and more, Ceatus online Patient Referral Networks are among the most valuable.

Why Ceatus Patient Referral Networks?

Because they provide multiple opportunities for visibility in Google’s search results pages, Ceatus Patient Referral Networks offer an outstanding opportunity to brand your practice. This branding helps attract prospective patients searching for information on the procedures you offer; the data shows that potential patients are far more likely to contact a practice that appears more than once in the search engine results pages. What’s more, by taking the extra step of having top physicians review our content, our Patient Referral Networks also lend credibility to the doctors listed in our directories.

Consider the benefits of the patient referral networks All About Facial Rejuvenation and Consumer Guide to Bariatric Surgery.

All About Facial Rejuvenation:

  • 1 million visitors per year
  • Top rankings for important keywords potential patients search (over 100 facial rejuvenation articles)
  • Educational portal specializing EXCLUSIVELY in facial rejuvenation
  • Doctor-reviewed articles
  • Trackable results
  • Custom promotional page that highlights surgeon/facilities
  • Exclusive listings
  • IP serving (Your listing appears on every page when someone in your market conducts a search. Contact Ceatus to learn more.)

Consumer Guide to Bariatric Surgery:

  • 1 million visitors a year
  • Top rankings for important keywords potential patients search, including weight loss surgery, bariatric surgery, lap band, and gastric sleeve
  • Doctor-reviewed articles
  • Custom promotional page that highlights surgeon/facilities
  • Trackable results
  • Exclusive listings
  • IP serving (Your listing appears on every page when someone in your market conducts a search. Contact Ceatus to learn more.)
  • Educational portal specializing EXCLUSIVELY in articles on weight loss surgery

Diversify Today

Of course, these are just two of the Patient Referral Networks that serve our clients. Breast Implants 4 You®, Consumer Guide to Plastic Surgery®, Consumer Guide to Dentistry®, Refractive Surgery News® and other Ceatus networks provide thousands of patient referrals to our clients each year. So don’t place all your eggs in one basket. Contact Ceatus to expand your Internet strategy — and increase your practice revenue today!