November 2011: 3 STEPS to Google Visibility!

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There are a number of steps you can take to improve the visibility of your practice in Google’s search results. Here are three important ones to get you started.

1) The Google Visibility Test

This easy test should give you a good indication of where you stand. Simply go to Google and type in a few key terms related to your specialty, such as “LASIK,” “veneers,” “gastric sleeve” or “breast augmentation.”

Note the following:

  • Where do you appear?
  • Is information about your practice readily visible on the first page?
  • Where do your competitors appear?
  • What about the second page?

If you have trouble finding information on your practice in the Google results pages, so will your potential patients.

Core terms such as the ones mentioned above are searched by tens of thousands of prospective patients each day. Consumers often begin their Google searches with these terms before moving on to more-complicated, location-based searches like “procedure New York” or “surgeon Los Angeles.” However, make sure to look for your practice in the local-based search results as well.

Within the Google search results; there are several ways in which to present your practice to consumers, including:

  • Your website
  • Google Business Listings
  • Pay-per-click (PPC) ads
  • Review sites like Yelp
  • Directory listings

Perhaps the most valuable tool, however, is search engine optimization (SEO).

2) Prominent Contact Information

While it is critical for your practice to be highly visible on the Internet, it is equally important that once prospective patients get to your website or profile listing, find the information they need to contact you. Your Google visibility strategies will be wasted if unless you make it easy for patients to contact you by phone or email. To accomplish this, your contact information needs to be displayed in a prominent location — on your website as well as anywhere else you advertise your services. If it isn’t, make sure you do what is needed to change this so that prospective patients are able to easily set up a consultation.

3) The Right Elements

What do patients want to see on your website? It depends on the patient, but the most popular elements are before and after pictures, patient testimonials, and procedure results. Be sure to include these elements in your search engine optimization strategy — and make sure they are displayed conspicuously wherever your practice information appears on the Internet.

So long as you give your target audience what they’re looking for, they will have no reason to look elsewhere!

To learn more about constructing a good SEO strategy, contact Ceatus at (615) 733-8111.

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Guide to 2011’s Tech-Savvy Holiday Gifts

Not sure what to get your tech-savvy friends or family members this holiday season? Look no further!

1. E-readers:

E-readers first appeared on the scene as early as 2007. The industry leaders are the Amazon Kindle and Barnes & Noble Nook. Both boast E Ink display, which delivers clear, crisp text and images that you can read without eye strain, making it ideal for reading in all light conditions. Many believed that the release of the iPad tablet in 2010 would render these devices obsolete. Instead, they have held their ground, and both of their manufacturers have since released tablets of their own (Kindle Fire and Nook Tablet).

The Kindle Fire allows users to watch movies and TV shows.  The Kindle store offers over 1 million books and magazines, and users can access thousands of popular apps and games. It also features free cloud storage for all your Amazon content. Its web browser, Amazon Silk, allows for ultra-fast browsing. The Kindle Fire has a vibrantly colored touch screen with extra-wide viewing angle. Amazon Prime members enjoy unlimited instant streaming of more than 10,000 popular movies and TV shows, and they can also choose from thousands of books to borrow for free, including over 100 current and former New York Times Bestsellers. Kindle Fire 8GB retails for $199.

The Nook Tablet allows users to watch HD movies, TV shows and music from the top names —Netflix, Hulu Plus, Pandora and more. Weighing in at 14.1 oz, this tablet boasts the world’s most advanced touchscreen: the VividView™ 7.  Users have access to over 2.5 million books, magazines, comics and kids’ books. Through Nook’s exclusive LendMe technology, users can share between the NOOK and the iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, Android smart phones and tablets, PCs and Macs. They can also borrow and read library books and access email, the Web and thousands of apps like Angry Birds and Epicurious. Users can read up to 11.5 hours or watch up to 9 hours of video (with the wireless off). Technical problems? Don’t worry, you can visit the nearest Barnes & Noble for free NOOK support.  Nook Tablet 16 GB retails for $249.

2. Motion Powered Video Games

Watch out Nintendo Wii, you’re not the only motion censored video game on the market; PlayStation and Xbox each released motion based video game systems this year (PlayStation Move and Xbox Kinect).

PlayStation Move, like the Nintendo Wii, uses a motion censored controller that captures a full range of motion, giving users ultimate control over the game-play. PlayStation Move offers a wide variety of games promising gamers of every age hours of fun.  Buy a PS3 Move Bundle for $349.00 (320 GB) or if you already own a PS3 the Move Bundle is just $99.99.

The Kinect brings video games and home entertainment to life unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. Unlike the Nintendo Wii and PlayStation Move, Kinect doesn’t require a controller.  Kinect offers a more natural game experience; if you see a ball, you kick it. You no longer have to use a controller to simulate your leg.  Not only can users control their game experience with physical movements, but now users control an HD movie by a simple wave of the hand or vocal command. Buy a 4 GB Xbox with Kinect for $299.99. Already have an Xbox 360? Buy the Kinect for just $129.99.

3. Roku 2 XS

Looking to cut your cable bill or just enhance your existing plan? The Roku 2 XS is our top pick for streaming media. It supports more services than the Apple TV.

Stream your web media with the compact Roku 2 XS. Users can access dozens of Internet video and audio services (including Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon Instant Video, Crackle, Pandora, NHL, NBA and MLB, among many others). Don’t have an HD TV? No problem, it is standard TV compatible. It also includes a Wii-like motion controller for casual gaming (Apps). The Roku 2 XS retails for $99.99 (other Roku models run as low as $49.99).

Note: Most popular streaming channels require paid subscriptions or pay-per-view fees.

4. Lytro Camera

Lytro lets you take pictures like never before. Traditional cameras only capture a single plane of light, while the Lytro camera captures the entire light field.

Each picture captures the color, intensity and direction of all the light, allowing users to focus pictures after they are taken: a digital first! Focus and re-focus anywhere in the picture. Users can unleash their inner-photographer and get crafty with their digitals.

The ability to focus after a picture is taken means that you don’t have to worry about if a picture is focused when you snap it. No more waiting to take a picture as a result of shutter delay.  Users can capture the moment they meant to, not one where people weren’t looking or have moved too quickly.

Easily share from the desktop or from to friends and family on Facebook, Twitter, email or blogs.

You can order them now on the Lytro website for delivery in early 2012 – 8GB $399 (350 pictures), 16 GB $499 (750 pictures).

5. iPad and iPhone  Compatible Projectors

Have an iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or all three? Do you love using them, but wish you could transfer the apps to the big screen? The wait is over! Epson just announced a line of portable, iPad-compatible projectors. They are the first projectors we’ve seen that include an iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch dock.

Create presentations and share them instantly in a meeting without transferring them to another device. Users can now watch movies or share a picture slide show on the big screen by easily docking their iPads, iPhones or iPod Touch. This is the ideal gift for professionals and home entertainment aficionados.

The new MegaPlex MG-850 HD ($799) and the Megaplex MG-50 ($699) both use 3LCD technology promising a vibrant color display. The Megaplex HD features 720p HD resolution with 2,800 lumens of color, while the regular Megaplex features 540p resolution with 2,200 lumens of color. Both have white light output, which is ideal for viewing in both light and dark settings.

With two built-in 10W stereo speakers, the projectors deliver amazing sound and can also be used separately as speaker docks. Using microphone input, users will be able to narrate movies, photos and business slideshows.

6. Apple-Friendly Adapters

The iWatchz nanoclipz offers a unique way to utilize your iPod nano. Easily clip your nano to your wrist. Users are able to turn their 6th generation iPod nanos into stylish watches and have full access to all buttons and connectors. Like listening to music at the gym? No problem! The earphone jack remains accessible and conveniently positioned on the left side. The dock connector is also accessible, allowing for easy charging or connecting to a wireless Bluetooth adapter. iWatchz nanoclipz retails for $24.95 (iPod Nano sold separately).

i’m Watch connects to iPhone, Android and all future smart phones wirelessly. Inbound calls, text messages, Facebook, Twitter and weather forecast will appear on your display. Download from i’music and listen to all your favorite music, view the image gallery and get apps from i’market. Retails from 249€ (about $340) to 999€ (about $1,360) depending on watch material and design.

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Ask the experts

Q I am considering hiring a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) company for my website. Why is there an ongoing SEO fee each month?

A There are two reasons that ongoing SEO is necessary. First, according to the previous CEO of Google, Eric Schmidt, during his recent testimony before the US Congress, Google made more than 500 changes to its search algorithm during the last twelve months. This means that ongoing changes to your SEO are necessary to keep up with the frequent changes made by the search engines. Second, incoming links to your website are a key factor in ranking. Ongoing SEO is needed to continually build the number and value of incoming links to your website in order to assure the search engines that your website should be ranked highly.

The Importance of Being Google

The domain where visibility = surgical volume

How important is Google? Important enough that it’s now part of our daily lexicon. We don’t search online — we “Google it.”

From Halloween costumes to healthcare, we all use the world’s dominant search engine to locate what we need.

Just take restaurants, for example. Millions of diners turn to Google on a daily basis to read about restaurants their friends are talking about. And if a restaurant’s website doesn’t appear when you search, you may wonder how good it really is — even though, in reality, there is no connection between the quality of the food and the restaurant’s Internet visibility.

Consumers use Google for everything, not just restaurants. This includes one of the most important aspects of their lives, healthcare. In fact, according to one report, some 84% of Internet users have used the Internet to search for healthcare information in the past year, with 52% searching on behalf of loved ones.

How do they find the information they’re looking for? Google. With 70% of the search market, Google dominates the search world.

In today’s digital world, prospective patients associate the quality of your practice with your visibility on Google, even when their search began from a word-of-mouth referral. If your practice doesn’t appear in Google’s search results for the terms and locations you need to rank for, you have a problem on your hands. Unfortunately, some of the nation’s most reputable medical and dental practices lack Google visibility.

The good news is that there are steps you can take to improve your visibility. A comprehensive Internet marketing strategy consisting of a well-designed (and – programmed) practice website, a professional search engine optimization (SEO) plan and even a simple social media approach can transform your practice from Internet anonymity to Google standout.

For more information contact Ceatus today at (615) 733-8111.

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CEATUS Case Study of the Month

In 2008, Dr David Ward, a prominent Surrey BC (Vancouver Area) Plastic Surgeon, had a very successful practice and was among the top surgeons in the region. However, he felt like his Internet marketing was underperforming and did not reflect the stature and quality of his practice. He wanted to boost his online presence and image.

Problem: Dr Ward had a large well written website with comprehensive information about female and male plastic surgery procedures, his facility and his background. The site generated on average fewer than 2 email leads a day, the look needed to be updated and the navigation was difficult. Also, the site did not rank on the first page of Google for any of the important key words related to Vancouver, such as Vancouver Breast Augmentation.

Solution: Dr Ward’s site went through a complete makeover and redesign by Ceatus Media Group. The look of the site was significantly upgraded to reflect the quality of Dr Ward’s practice and the content and navigation were redeveloped to make them more consumer and SEO friendly. Dr. Ward also listed his practice in Consumer Guide to Plastic Surgery to build visibility and leverage credibility outside his website.

Result: Within 6 months, the Google website rankings for Dr. Ward’s site were propelled to the first page of Google for virtually every target search term for both Vancouver and Surrey. His site redesign and improved functionality led to longer website visits and more pages viewed which resulted in increased email leads throughout the site. Before the redesign and SEO, his site generated on average, 1.8 emails leads a day. After Ceatus implemented his new online strategy, leads generate by his website doubled to 3.7 leads per day. Phone call leads also accelerated dramatically. Now Dr Ward is booked out a number of months in advance for surgery.

For more information on how you can increase the ROI of your Internet marketing dollars, contact Ceatus at 858-454-5505.

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