Optimizing Reviews and Maximizing PPC ROI

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On Friday June 9th, Tamara Evans, our VP of Marketing presented two talks at the Vegas Cosmetic Surgery meeting. Dr David Evans, our CEO, was originally schedule to give these presentations, but he was unable to attend. He was invited to participate in a Glaucoma Foundation event in New York City.

Ms Evans’ morning presentation focused on reputation management and how to use reviews to generate more practice revenue. Her presentation described the three key components of an effective reputation management strategy; monitor, solicit and publish, and how to optimize each of these components.

She focused on a key question from many cosmetic surgeons, “What review sites should I focus on?” Ms Evans presented proprietary CEATUS data collected from surveying more than 10,000 cosmetic surgery patients about which review sites are most important when selecting a cosmetic procedure and surgeon. The data shows which sites are most important and which are least important to prospective patients. And, contrary to the thinking of most surgeons, the results of the survey show that there are 8 – 10 sites that are very important, not just two or three.

The afternoon session focused on maximizing ROI for PPC advertising. In this course, Ms Evans described how to set up a campaign and to optimize for patient acquisition. The key PPC strategy components to focus on are campaign type, budget, location and extensions. She also described best practices to improve the Google Ad score in order to achieve higher click rates at a lower cost.  Case reports were presented describing PPC campaigns that were taken over by CEATUS in which these four components were optimized for significantly increased ROI. The results showed that the practice’s costs were reduced by a third, while patient acquisition increased by 50%.

To learn more about the CEATUS’ proprietary reviews data or how to increase your PPC advertising ROI, give us a call (858-454-5505) – we would be glad to help!