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Have you recently used Google to search for a local business? If you’re like most people, you probably have. And if you have, you’ve probably noticed that Google now creates a profile for every business. This includes your practice.

In a recent video blog with OSN’s Cynthia Matossian, Dr. Evans explained the importance of keeping your practice’s Google profile pristine — in other words, updated and accurate. Since Google is the one that creates the profile, you need to let them know if anything about your practice changes. Examples include:

  • Your office location changed
  • Your practice added a surgeon/partner
  • A surgeon/partner left the practice

Dr. Evans told Matossian that if one of these changes or any other change takes place at your practice and you fail to update your Google profile to reflect the change, Google will “get confused” and the result will be a drop in rankings.

To find out if there are any issues with your Google profile, Dr. Evans recommended that you search your name, your practice name, etc., and make sure everything is accurate in your profile. He also pointed out that you should only have one profile. If anything is amiss and you want to fix it, you and/or your digital marketing firm will first have to “claim” your profile.

In the video, Dr. Evans was pleased to point out that CEATUS can help you with all of this. These request to change your profile get verified.  Google will mail you a postcard with a key code and all you need to do is either enter the code or give this code to your marketing company.  This will allow changes to your profile, merge two profiles, etc.

To learn more, watch the full video here.

CEATUS’ staff of talented Digital Marketing Consultants can advise you with additional information on all of the topics discussed in Dr. Evans’ OSN video blog interviews.

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