The How and Why of Reviews

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reviewDr Evans, Ceatus CEO, was recently interviewed by Modern Aesthetics Magazine about the “How and Why of Reviews.” Dr Evans pointed out that “reviews have now become one of the most important tools for enhancing the practice online presence and increasing practice revenue.

Studies show that consumer use of reviews in making decisions about doctors and procedures is growing rapidly.” He also explained that health care is now second only to restaurants and hotels for consumer use of reviews in the decision making process.

The video describes why reviews are important for conversion, even when consumers have received a word-of-mouth referral or have seen a practice promotion like a newspaper or TV Ad. It also describes how the top consumer marketing companies like Amazon and Sephora use reviews to create higher sales and describes what makes a good review. Dr Evans stated that short reviews such as “The staff was very nice” are not the best kind of review. He elaborated that it is always a benefit to receive positive online comments about the practice, but reviews that are best for conversion have specific components.

For a review to be most effective it should be recent, have specific procedure information and highlight outcomes.   And finally, he describes the critical importance of monitoring reviews using an automated service that emails the practice any time a new review is live. Monitoring is important for two reasons; first, to obtain feedback about what patients think about your services and outcomes and second, to be aware what is posted online about you in case potential patients mention seeing a specific review.

To view the full interview, please click below:–arimohen