The Plastic Surgery Clinic Launches Updated Website

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The Plastic Surgery Clinic is pleased to announce the release of their newly updated plastic surgery website. The updated website will serve as a comprehensive resource for patients seeking information about cosmetic surgery in Toronto, Mississauga and surrounding areas. The website contains information on the many surgical and non-surgical procedures available at their Toronto and Mississauga locations. Each procedure page hosts a wealth of information, including candidacy, costs, recovery information and potential risks/complications.

The Plastic Surgery Clinic’s website also features an extensive before and after gallery to assist potential patients in setting realistic expectations for the procedure they hope to undergo. Guests can also visit the Frequently Asked Questions section that encompasses general information about cosmetic surgery. For those who are interested in cosmetic surgery trends, the website also includes a regularly updated blog discussing trending plastic surgery topics.

About the Doctors

Dr. Frank Lista

Dr. Frank Lista is a board-certified specialist in plastic surgery in Canada and the United States and is also the founder of The Plastic Surgery Clinic. As a highly respected cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Lista has pioneered many new surgical procedures and has given numerous presentations at national and international surgical meetings around the world. Dr. Lista is dedicated to helping his patients achieve their aesthetic goals through surgical and non-surgical procedures.

Dr. Jamil Ahmad

Dr. Ahmad is a board-certified plastic surgeon and currently serves as the Director of Research and Education at The Plastic Surgery Clinic. Dr. Ahmad is highly renowned for delivering natural results through cosmetic surgery and thus is sought after for his expertise in rhinoplasty, body contouring, facial rejuvenation procedures and more. As an active associate in education and research, Dr. Ahmad is continually asked to present at meetings for the Canadian Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and others.


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