Vancouver LASIK Surgeon Dr. Joseph King Releases Updated Website

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Dr. Joseph King and the entire team at King LASIK are pleased to announce the launch of their latest website. The website was built to serve the specific needs of King LASIK’s patients throughout Canada, as well as to improve the practice’s online visibility in the areas that they serve, including Edmonton, Vancouver, Victoria and surrounding areas.

offers valuable information for King LASIK’s current patients, as well as those who are considering laser eye surgery. Dr. King understands that undergoing eye surgery can seem daunting and he has provided details on his treatment options to help patients feel more comfortable about pursuing surgery. As a LASIK surgery patient himself, Dr. King has experienced the benefits that LASIK provides and is pleased to share this information so others can experience them as well.

Some of the topics covered on the new website include: Who Is a Candidate for LASIK?; How Long Is the LASIK Recovery Time?; and Alternatives to LASIK Surgery, among others. The website also reviews some of the most common vision conditions, such as hyperopia, myopia and astigmatism, and how they can be treated.

also features helpful information about Dr. Joseph King, Dr. Colin Nelson and the other experienced eye surgeons at King LASIK. Website visitors can read about the surgeons’ education, training and experience and get a better understanding of how qualified these surgeons are to perform the procedure. The testimonials section of the website also provides insight into the kind of treatment and results patients can expect under the care of Dr. Joseph King and his team.

Other popular sections of the website include the LASIK Affordability section, which details the many financing options available and what goes into the cost of LASIK, and the Locations section, which provides details about each of King LASIK’s locations in Canada, including Vancouver, Edmonton, Victoria, Fort McMurray, Calgary and Surrey, BC.

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King LASIK is an established laser eye surgery practice led by top LASIK surgeon Dr. Joseph King. King LASIK has 10 locations throughout the United States and Canada, and has helped thousands of patients improve their vision. The surgeons at King LASIK use only the latest and safest technology to ensure precise treatment results, and are renowned for their expertise in the field. If you have been considering laser eye surgery in Canada, please contact King LASIK today at 1-877-551-2020.

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