Wichita Laser Vision Surgeon Launches New Website

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The entire team at Wichita Vision Institute are delighted to unveil their brand new website, WichitaEyeDoc.com. Dr. Reena Patel, M.D. is a board-certified ophthalmologist who has proudly solved the vision problems of Wichita residents for years. She and her staff look forward to the reactions they get to this new online push from clients who are visiting their website for the first time.

WichitaEyeDoc.com is a comprehensive online resource for patients seeking to learn about laser vision correction. The site includes information on an array of ophthalmology topics, including corneal diseases, symptoms and the technology used for each condition. This exhaustive collection of information about vision health will allow patients to educate themselves and make better choices about their own surgery. The staff at Wichita Vision Institute are trained with the latest equipment and techniques to treat vision conditions in a comfortable and relaxing office setting.

LASIK laser vision correction, one of their most popular procedures at Wichita Vision Institute, allows Dr. Patel’s patients to see clearly without the aid of glasses or contacts. Dr. Patel is VISX laser-certified, and she acts as an investigator for clinical tests to determine the effectiveness of cutting-edge techniques in laser vision correction. Dr. Patel is a member of several professional medical societies, including the Kansas Medical Association, The Medical Society of Sedgwick County and the American Medical Association.

Dr. Reena Patel is recognized as one of America’s top vision doctors, and this new website reflects her high level of service and competence as a surgeon. The staff at Wichita Vision Institute know that when Kansas-area patients see their new website, they’ll want to schedule their LASIK surgery with Dr. Reena Patel.


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