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World renowned phalloplasty surgeon Dr. Stephen X. Giunta is proud to unveil his newly updated site. With the misinformation behind male enhancement surgeries, Dr. Giunta is proud to offer accurate information to dispel many myths and answer various frequently asked questions regarding penile surgery. The newly updated website also features information about Dr. Giunta’s state-of-the-art practice where he utilizes the latest technology for all his procedures. Although his practice is located in Alexandria, patients have flown in from all over the world to be treated by Dr. Giunta.

At his surgical practice in Alexandria, VA, Dr. Giunta offers several male enhancement procedures such as penis enlargement, penis widening, scrotal web reduction, testicle implants and adult circumcision. Each procedure page has been revamped and presents more information- addressing such concerns as risk, recovery and general procedure information. Dr. Giunta also showcases his surgical talent in his extensive before and after gallery, with the addition of many pictures for various enhancement procedures, visitors can inspect these before and after pictures and set realistic expectations for their own procedure.

More about Dr. Stephen X. Giunta

Dr. Stephen X. Giunta is a triple board-certified surgeon and has been practicing cosmetic surgery for over 30 years, with the last 21 years devoted to pioneering new male genital enlargement and related procedures. After earning his medical degree from Georgetown University Medical School, he spent two years in an internship and residency. Dr. Giunta has helped over 20,000 patients in his medical career and continues to lecture and teach many surgeons both domestic and international.


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