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pamel-2Highly skilled digital marketing strategists know that SEO and public relations go hand-in-hand. At Ceatus, we cultivate the relationship between Internet visibility and the press to help our clients reap the maximum benefit from their online presence.

The last two weeks are a case in point. As everyone knows, the famous comedian, Bill Cosby, is on trial. His defense team is claiming that due to his eye condition, keratoconus, he is functionally blind and cannot properly identify his accusers. The society sections of the major papers around the country are following this case closely and are examining every angle of this case. Page Six, the famous society section of the New York Post is no exception. The editor, Emily Smith, wanted to know the validity of these claims by the defense attorneys: Is keratoconus really a blinding condition?

captureOur long-term friend and client, Dr Gregory Pamel, is an internationally-recognized corneal specialist based in NYC.  His stunning new Ceatus-designed and SEO’d, responsive website ranks highly on Google for virtually every search term related to the cornea and its various conditions and corneal treatments. When Emily Smith needed an expert, she searched on Google for “keratoconus treatment new York,” Of course, Dr Pamel’s site appeared #1. Being very impressed with the information on his website, she called to interview him on Friday. Sunday, her article was published in Page Six, heavily quoting Dr Pamel. His office began receiving calls first thing Monday morning and the publicity continues!

The moral of this story is that successful SEO strategies include both a focus on the procedures performed by the practice, as well as on all aspects of the surgeon’s or dentist’s expertise, background and experience. A web presence, built from the ground-up, with best SEO and comprehensive content in mind creates a broad and highly valuable online footprint. This footprint establishes credibility in the eyes of anyone searching online for health-related information from an expert source. The PR connections comes to play when reporters, editors and magazine publishers are looking for information from an expert source.  Dr Pamel’s site of course ranks well for key procedure terms related to “LASIK” and “Cataract Surgery,” his rankings for a wide range of these terms are on the first page of Google. In addition, he ranks for 100’s of other terms that build his online image as an expert, and this is how the editor found him.

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