You Got Hit with a Slew of Negative Reviews…What Now?

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With reviews being such an important component of digital strategies for aesthetic practices, many of the leading industry publications are focusing on this topic area. In the current issue of Modern Aesthetics, CEATUS CEO, Dr. David Evans was asked to weigh in.  His insights are highlighted in a feature section of the publication entitled, You Got Hit with a Slew of Negative Reviews…What Now?

Dr Evans’ article, “Get in Front of the Problem,” outlines three key points to keep in mind when managing your online reputation:

  • First, determine whether the reviews are legitimate or, alternatively, being posted by a competitor or out-of-touch patient.
  • Second, if the reviews are legit, own up to your responsibility and respond to the review appropriately. A heartfelt response does wonders in defusing the momentum of a negative review.
  • Third, the best strategy to offset negative reviews is a steady stream of positive reviews.

You can read the full article here:

What Constitutes a Great Review Strategy?

When creating a stellar reviews strategy to grow your practice revenue, there are a few critical points to keep in mind. These key points were not shared in the article, but we wanted to make them available for Ceatus readers. Each of the following points is based on proprietary research, conducted by Ceatus Media Group, with regard to best practices for online reputation management:

  • First, have an automated system that constantly keeps you and your staff up-to-date on reviews, both positive and negative, that are being posted about you and your practice.
  • Second, incorporate an easy-to-use solicitation tool that you and your staff can use every day to efficiently request reviews from patients. According to proprietary consumer data collected by Ceatus, the solicitation tool should focus on at least 7 to 9 review sites, not just 2 or 3, as suggested by some ill-informed digital agencies.
  • Third, have a reporting system that provides historical data on how many positive reviews you are acquiring over time. This information can be used as a basis for determining the success of your reviews strategy and, if you chose, as a metric to provide incentives for practice staff.
  • Fourth, use an automated system to broadcast your positive reviews on your website and social media. The system must constantly publish recent reviews so that prospective patients see a steady stream of fresh reviews in virtually every location online where they are researching procedures and selecting doctors.

To learn more about the proprietary research data CEATUS has generated about best practices for digital reputation management strategies, please contact us.