Dr Evans Invited to Speak at Dallas Cosmetic Surgery and Rhinoplasty Symposium

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Ceatus Founder and CEO, Dr David Evans, will be giving an invited lecture at the Dallas Cosmetic Surgery and Rhinoplasty Symposium for the 7th year in a row. His panel session, entitled “Social Media – What’s New, What’s True, What’s Ethical” will be chaired by world-renowned surgeons Dr Jamil Ahmad and Dr Ashkan Ghavami.

Dr Evans’ presentation, “The Blending of Traditional and New-Age Marketing Using Social Media and Reviews to Boost Word Of Mouth Referrals,” will focus on how to take advantage of digital resources to boost the traditional marketing platforms of word of mouth referrals and print advertisements.  Specifically he will address the challenging new reality that while traditional advertising used to create a direct contact with the practice those days are over.  Now, after exposure to traditional advertising or receiving a WOM referral, prospective patients go online to investigate the procedure(s) of interest, the practice and the surgeon.

To avoid being left behind, surgeons must take advantage of this trend.  How?  First the practice website must have properly structured Search Engine Optimization (SEO) so that when prospective patients go online to Google or the other search engines, they are brought to the practice website. If, after doing a few searches for the surgeon’s name, practice name and procedure information, the prospective patient likes what they see, they then typically read the surgeon’s reviews and visit his or her social media platforms.  This is why it is critical to have a robust reviews profile and an engaging social media presence. It is only after perusing all of this online activity and deciding that they are happy with what they found online, that the prospective patient contacts the practice. However, if the practice website is not easily found, if the surgeon had only a few reviews or negative reviews or if the practice’s social media is not engaging, then the patient typically moves on, never to contact the practice.

Dr Evans will describe the various aspects of this new online trend in consumer behavior and summarize why surgeons need to have effective programs for SEO and reviews management, and social media strategies that are engaging, interesting and enticing. Dr Evans will also provide specific steps that each practice can take to ensure all three components of this digital strategy are in proper working order. The special panel will take place on Wednesday night from 7:00pm to 8:00pm at the Westin Galleria in Dallas, Texas.